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What denomination are you?

Although currently attending a Baptist Church, I do not believe that denomination is as important as finding a church that preaches the complete word of God. The Holy Scriptures are all necessary and we need to learn God's complete message to us by finding a place where the full truth is taught. (Sue)

I've attended Full Gospel Churches my entire life. I can't say that I have a preference on denomination, and agree with my mother that living by God's Word is what matters most. (Tarah)

Which Bible do you use in your studies?

We both use the Dake Annotated Reference Bible (KJV), and Sue uses a Strong's Concordance as well, in her studies.

Which Bible version do you reference when quoting scripture, and why?

We use the King James Version (KJV) for the most of our posts and blogs, although on occasion we use the New King James Version (NKJV) or the New International Version (NIV) for clarity. Where possible, we indicate the use of scripture taken from sources other than KJV. We feel that the King James Version is the most accurate interpretation available from original scripture.

Do you design your own products or are they sourced?

All of our designs are custom, created by Tarah, though we do use a printer to make the actual products containing our designs.

Are you affiliated with a specific Church?

No, we are not affiliated with a specific church.

Do you offer discounts on products for youth groups?

Yes! Contact us for more information.

Can I request prayer for a friend or family member?

Absolutely! You can reach us via email: We're happy to help!

Additional Questions?

Please contact for more information.

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